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4th EU Report on the Open Data Landscape in Europe-Ireland in First Place

27 November 2018
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'4th EU Report on the Open Data Landscape in Europe-Ireland in First Place' image

Ireland is in the number one position in the Open Data Maturity Report 2018. The annual Open Data landscaping exercise provides a yearly benchmark of the state-of-play of Open Data in the EU Member States (henceforth EU28) as well as the EFTA countries: Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland (henceforth EU28+). Now in its fourth iteration, the Open Data maturity assessment creates a benchmarking and learning tool for both the national and EU level. The assessment measures the maturity of countries against four dimensions: policy, impact, portals,

and data quality. The benchmark highlights the different maturity levels across Europe, and showcases good practices implemented across Europe, that could serve as inspiration for other countries within and outside the European borders. The Open Data landscaping exercise offers a vehicle for bench-learning and bench-marking. It allows countries to better understand their level of maturity, to capture the progress made and the areas for improvement and benchmark this against other countries. Additionally, the study provides an overview of best practices implemented across Europe that could be transferred to other national contexts.

The European Data Portal is developed by the European Commission with the support of a consortium led by Capgemini Invent, including Intrasoft International, Fraunhofer Fokus, con.terra, Sogeti, 52North, Time.Lex, the Lisbon Council and the University of Southampton.

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