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EI Launch a €750k CSF for Emerging Tech Start-ups in FinTech & DeepTech

12 June 2018
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'EI Launch a €750k CSF for Emerging Tech Start-ups in FinTech & DeepTech' image

Enterprise Ireland has launched a €750,000 competitive start fund for companies working in FinTech, Property Tech, AI, ML, AR, VR, IoT, Blockchain and Cloud.

Enda McDonnell, head of fintech for Enterprise Ireland, explained: "The staging of MoneyConf in Ireland is a huge bonus for Ireland's fintech sector, and one which Enterprise Ireland is utilising to shine a spotlight on the strengths of the sector to the international financial world.

"Ireland's unique ecosystem has led to the development of a world-class fintech sector and as one of the largest investors by deal count in fintech startups, investing in 23 last year alone, Enterprise Ireland is supporting the international growth of Irish global fintech leaders.

"In 2016, Enterprise Ireland fintech companies generated €1 billion in revenue. The launch of Enterprise Ireland's new competitive start fund for fintech and deeptech companies, paves the way for the next wave of companies emerging from what is a very dynamic start-up sector in Ireland."

Applications for the new competitive start fund open on 19 June and close on 3 July.

For more information visit the Enterprise Ireland website.