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ICT Ireland Skillnet - Professional Cloud Service Manager Certified Course

03 May 2018
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Get Certified for €1,220 - You can now attend this 3 day course to obtain the Cloud Credential Council (CCC) certification. It takes place in Dublin from 15th to 17th May.
Who Should Attend
This programme is suitable for:

  • IT Managers and CIOs
  • Service Managers (with or without an ITIL background)
  • Service Management Professionals
  • Cloud Strategy and Management Consultants
  • Service Architects, Technical Pre-Sales Consultants
  • IT Professionals

Why Should You Attend
In an increasingly interconnected and complex IT environment, IT management is under pressure to deliver more agile IT services and adapt to change. Organisations are adopting strategies that include cloud computing in order to meet these challenges and offer repeatable, flexible and scalable services. Service Management professionals are challenged to help organisations optimally ensure measurable service delivery and management in cloud environments.

CCC's PCSM designation is a globally recognized certification for Service Management professionals. Being PCSM-certified showcases your service management experience in a cloud environment, relevant skills and knowledge, and demonstrates you are capable to manage the various stakeholders within the enterprise.

  • Cloud Service Manager aligned to ITIL
  • Provides advice on how to adapt ITIL processes for Cloud Computing
  • Introduces new approaches not provided by ITIL
  • PCSM was designed to complement and work with organisation's adoption of ITIL and ITSM

Course syllabus, content, course book and white paper written by ITIL Master

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