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ICT Skillnet - Professional Development Programme in Global Business Services

26 February 2019
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'ICT Skillnet - Professional Development Programme in Global Business Services' image

The programme, commencing on the 13th of March, aims to develop the core knowledge, skills and competencies of the GBS talent pool in Ireland based on internationally recognised best practice. The programme has been developed through a unique collaboration of the Dublin Institute of Technology and The Hackett Institute, the professional education arm of The Hackett Group, supported and funded by Skillnets Ireland, IDA Ireland, American Chamber of Commerce in Ireland, Technology Ireland and their member companies. Together they have crafted a rigorous globally unique set of integrated academic qualifications which will be easy for individuals to access and which are based on cutting-edge insights and best practices. 

The programme aims to support organisations and individuals so that companies can -

· Build core knowledge and skills based on best practice

· Attract and retain the best talent 

· Improve productivity and service quality

· Develop high value skills and create an internal talent pipeline

· Enhance customer and employee satisfaction.

Individuals can -

· Enhance skills, knowledge and capabilities for current and future roles

· Acquire professional academic and internationally recognised qualifications

· Gain recognition and satisfaction from pursuing a clear and valued career path

· Develop a broader understanding and awareness of customer and business issues

· Enhance their performance through new working methods and digital technology enablers

"Obtaining new professional qualifications brings a range of personal benefits. It gives you additional skills and expertise, improves your recognition within the organisations and opens up new prospects."

For further information please see attached PDF, or contact the programme manager by email at or mobile +353 86 258 3400 

Additional insights on the GBS website -

Attached Documents

PDF icon Global Business Services Skills Brochure (GBS_Skills_Brochure.pdf | 705 kB)