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June 3rd next deadline to submit proposal for SFI funded Industry Fellowship

01 May 2015
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'June 3rd next deadline to submit proposal for SFI funded Industry Fellowship' image

The SFI Industry Fellowship Programme facilitates the bi-directional movement of academic and industry researchers. Fellowships can be awarded to academic researchers wishing to spend time in industry worldwide and to individuals from industry anywhere in the world (including Ireland) wishing to spend time in an eligible Irish Research Body.

In the direction of academic to industry SFI will fund the salary of a researcher to spend up to 12 months full time or 24 months part time with a company. In the case of an industry employee spending time at a lab, SFI will provide funding for travel and subsistence. Fellowships awards are for up to €120,000 direct costs.

Further information on the programme and how to find an academic partner may be found at

SFI recently partnered with the ISIN to host a briefing seminar on this and the other SFI industry facing programmes. See full details on the seminar including presentations delivered at