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Latest Q3 Host in Ireland Report Now Available

27 November 2018
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'Latest Q3 Host in Ireland Report Now Available' image

With thanks to Garry Connolly and Host in Ireland. Supplemental to previous updates for our "Ireland's Data Hosting Industry 2018 Update" series, the Q3 Update Report performs an analysis of the evolution of energy efficiency in data centres as well as the continued growth of these facilities in the market.

The report explores the opening of several new and large facilities in Ireland, most notably by Facebook in Clonee, which plans to be fully sustained by renewable energy. Other large companies with presence in Ireland include Google, Microsoft and Amazon, which have committed to or already secured 100 percent renewable resources for their Ireland-based locations. Furthermore, the report outlines the completion of new Hyperscale and Build to Suit facilities in the third quarter of 2018 (Q3).

Access the report at