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MSCA Society & Enterprise-Individual Fellowships

12 April 2018
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Companies have the opportunity to recruit an experienced researcher for 2 years through the MSCA Society & Enterprise-Individual Fellowships (SE-IF). The researcher costs and institutional costs are fully funded by the European Commission.

Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions (MSCA) is a funding programme under the Excellence Science pillar of Horizon 2020. SE-IF were introduced as part of MSCA for companies to recruit experienced researchers allowing them to address research needs and exchange knowledge via training.

Companies who participate must have the necessary R&D infrastructure & expertise in the research area, career development opportunities and appropriate supervision for the researcher. Companies have the option to collaborate with a partner organisation to provide complementary expertise to meet these criteria.

If you are a company looking to submit a proposal for the September 12 2018 deadline you must follow these steps:

1. Identify a research need/priority in your organisation that could be addressed. What type of researcher expertise is required to complete this project? Do you need to collaborate with another organisation who can offer additional research and training infrastructure?

2. Find a researcher to develop the proposal. Any researcher who complies with the following is eligible:

· Minimum experience: PhD or undergraduate degree + 4 years' research experience

· Mobility rule: The researcher must not have lived/worked in Ireland > 3 years in the 5 years before the September 12 2018 application deadline.

3. Write the proposal with the researcher. The application must include information on the research, transfer of knowledge, organisation, supervision and the qualities of researcher.

Support provided by the Irish MSCA office 

The office is run by the MSCA NCP Geraldine Canny & Grace McCarthy. We support companies  who are interested in applying for the SE-IF through the following services:

 Finding a researcher: download and fill out the Expression of Interest and return it to for dissemination to our international networks. See attached PDF.

 Proposal writing: we support applicants through this process by providing workshops, application "how to" handbooks and proposal reviews from June-August 2018.

 Queries: if you have any questions or want to discuss how your company can get involved please email

Attached Documents

PDF icon Expression of Interest Document (Society_and_Enterprise_Expression_of_Interest_Template.pdf | 350 kB)