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National Cyber Security Cluster ‘Cyber Ireland’ Announced

14 December 2018
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'National Cyber Security Cluster ‘Cyber Ireland’ Announced' image

An initiative to establish a national cyber security cluster in Ireland has been announced today. Facilitated by Cork Institute of Technology (CIT), the national cluster will be called Cyber Ireland and is supported by IDA Ireland. It will provide a collective voice to represent the needs of the cyber security sector across the country and will address key challenges including skills needs, research, and the development of a national community which connects industry, academia and government. 

Cyber Ireland is also supported by a number of leading cyber security and technology firms in Ireland, who called for the establishment of a cluster to represent industry needs and address key challenges, including Johnson Controls International, Dell EMC, IBM, McAfee, McKesson and Trend Micro. 

From the 18th to 20th of February 2019, CIT there will be a series of cluster initiation workshops organised in Cork, Dublin and Galway, which will provide industry and higher education institutes with an opportunity to learn about Cyber Ireland and its benefits and value to cluster members. The objective of these workshops is to develop a robust collaborative mandate that will strengthen Ireland's cyber security ecosystem. For further information on Ireland's Cyber Security Cluster initiative and how to get involved, see or contact