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Scoping Skills Needs for IoT in Ireland - Your Chance to Input

17 October 2018
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'Scoping Skills Needs for IoT in Ireland - Your Chance to Input' image

The current decade has seen accelerating growth in the number and diversity of connected devices known collectively as the Internet of Things. 

In Ireland, we have well-positioned activities in IOT research, innovation, development and deployment but, as the adoption curve steepens, we are feeling the pressure to have greater numbers of higher-skilled engineers engaged in all sectors of the IOT domain. 

There is a clear need now to increase the supply of advanced education and training in IOT and it will be important in this context to ensure that knowledge and skills needs are well understood and that any programs developed are effective in meeting theses needs. 

We are asking for your help in ensuring that we get the best understanding possible of the competence support that IOT actors need now and in the medium term (2-3 year) future. 

We would appreciate if you could take approx. 10-15 minutes to complete our IOT Scoping Questionnaire. We will collate and analyse the responses and use them as input to the creation of a set of advanced training programs to be offered to member companies, beginning in 2019. 

All companies participating in the survey will receive a copy of the consolidated results and an invitation to a workshop presentation and discussion of the data gathered. 

The deadline for completion of the questionnaire is 12 noon on Thursday 25th October. 

Many thanks in anticipation of your support.