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SmartEEs, a EU Acceleration Program, Open Call for Application Experiments

08 January 2018
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SmartEEs, a European acceleration program, is organising an open Call for Application Experiments with the objective of providing support to Innovative Companies to access new markets and grow their businesses by integrating flexible electronics technologies into advanced products and services. Up to €165,000 support.

The types of activities that qualify for receiving support have to be related to industrial and societal adoption of new digital products, services and business models enabled by flexible electronics technologies

• OLED and novel lighting – Bringing Light to your products with OLED and novel lighting

• Flexible electronics and OLED displays – Bringing Interaction to your products with Flexible electronics and OLED displays

• Organic and flexible photovoltaics – Bringing Energy Harvesting to your products with organic and flexible photovoltaics

• Novel electronics and components and smart integrated systems– Bringing Intelligence to your products with Novel Electronics and Components and Integrated Smart Systems.

Specifically, the aims of application experiments will be:

• The transformation of a product idea into a functional product demonstrator which will be demonstrated in relevant environment with technical and non-technical services available from SmartEEs multiple cross-sectoral partnership;

• The creation of an application & business model.

Therefore this is about the development for the hardware enabling the Internet of Things.

Applications for requesting mini-projects "Application Experiments" opened in December, Closing mid-March. Further calls will be issued over the next 30 months.

CPI can also support other H2020 (e.g. SME Instrument) bids as well.