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Technology Ireland ICT Skillnet Launch MSc in AI

12 February 2018
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'Technology Ireland ICT Skillnet Launch MSc in AI' image

An exciting new two-year part-time programme to give current and potential AI engineers the skills, theory and recognition they need to develop in their role. For the first time, candidates can gain a full MSc degree in this specialist area through a mixed learning process with an emphasis on practical application in the workplace. 

This initiative has emerged from needs expressed by member companies of Technology Ireland ICT Skillnet augmented by research and data from IDA Ireland, Enterprise Ireland, Science Foundation Ireland and others. AI is already at the heart of many transformational business and technical applications, typically employing a combination of data analytics and machine learning. AI applications using massive datasets, powerful computing architectures and advanced learning algorithms are contributing to business growth and societal benefit in fields such as Health, Education, Finance, Telecommunications, Leisure and the Automotive Industry, while new AI-enhanced services for communication, information, entertainment and social convenience are fundamentally altering the way in which society functions. This trend is set to continue and accelerate. 

Companies that are engaged in AI activities in Ireland include: (to name only a few) Accenture, Advanced Metadata, Amazon Web Services, Analog, Arvato, Citibank, Dell EMC, Deutsche Bank, Ericsson, Fujitsu, Google, General Motors, Huawei, HubSpot, IBM, Image-Vision, Intel, LogoGrab, Mastercard, Microsoft, Movidius, Nokia Bell Labs, Nuritas, Pramerica, Salesforce, SAP, Siemens, Soapbox Labs, Storyful, Sytorus, Valeo, Xilinx, and Zalando

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