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UCD Partnering with Vodafone Ireland & Ericsson - New 5G Accelerator Programme

18 December 2018
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'UCD Partnering with Vodafone Ireland & Ericsson - New 5G Accelerator Programme' image

University College Dublin Partnering with Vodafone Ireland and Ericsson on a New 5G Accelerator Programme

Vodafone Ireland has today announced that it is partnering with Ericsson and NovaUCD, the Centre for New Ventures and Entrepreneurs at University College Dublin, to create a new 5G accelerator programme.

Through the nationwide programme, participants will have the opportunity to develop and enhance their business plans and validate the commercial potential and technical feasibility of innovative 5G enabled products and services.

Candidates who successfully complete the 5G accelerator programme will be eligible for early stage investment to bring their plans to fruition – launching a number of new 5G enabled products and services in Ireland.

Furthermore, successful applicants can gain access to a range of support services and applications to foster the development of 5G use cases, including: 

  • access to talent, mentors and investors; 
  • access to a range of programmes for venture creation and growth; 
  • Internet of Things (IoT)/5G use case development programmes; and 
  • access to finance. 

Tom Flanagan, UCD's Director of Enterprise and Commercialisation, said, "It will be exciting to see new 5G products, services and businesses that have truly global potential be launched first here in Ireland. We are delighted to be working with Vodafone and Ericsson on the new NovaUCD 5G accelerator programme announced today."

"Participants on the programme will be able to access the business and technical expertise of Vodafone and Ericsson in 5G, as well as the expertise at NovaUCD, in developing and scaling new innovative hi-tech ventures, attracting investment and taking on the global opportunities created by 5G."

Further details at 5G accelerator programme