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In this section you will find up-to-date information on Funding, Research and Development (R&D) Tax Credits, IP Licensing and Enterprise/Incubation Centres. This section also contains extensive links to external websites and resources. Of particular interest to companies and research institutions alike will be the extensive funding section, where national, European and International funding opportunities and resources are listed.


Funding information

Read about funding options

IP Licensing

IP Licensing

Read about Intellectual Property Licensing

R&D Tax Credit

research tax credits

Read about R&D Tax Credits


Featured Resources

Various EU R&D Funding
Outline of EU/R&D Funding available. - Ibec Guide to R&D Funding - H2020 - SME Eurostars ... » read more
02 Mar 2014
Intellectual Property (IP)
IP is created when an idea takes some tangible form. IP can mean a brand, invention, design or ot... » read more
06 Jan 2016
Growth Fund (Enterprise Ireland)
Increasing the competitiveness of Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs) through business innovation » read more
02 Mar 2014
R&D Fund (Enterprise Ireland)
The R&D Fund Supporting innovation in services, products and processes. Companies that are re... » read more
02 Mar 2014
European Space Agency Funding
Ireland's membership of ESA permits Irish companies and research teams to bid for ESA contract de... » read more
02 Mar 2014
Innova Fund (InterTradeIreland)
Research collaboration between two companies North and South of the Border. » read more
02 Mar 2014