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Innova Fund (InterTradeIreland)

02 March 2014
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InterTradeIreland Innova is an all-island collaborative R&D initiative that stimulates, promotes and supports R&D co-operation between companies, North and South.

Innova has up to £250k/€300k funding available for strategic North/South Collaborative innovation partnerships to develop new products, processes or service developments or to build on exisiting innovations. Companies benefit from pooling their expertise and resources to bring their innovations to market faster than if working alone. 

We actively looking for further partnerships which have demonstrable commercial potential. Partners can work in the same sector or come from different but complimentary disciplines such as an environmental company working with an ICT organisation.

Business focussed innovation partnerships are currently invited to apply for Innova funding. In particular, projects in the following areas are now being sought :

  • life and health sciences including polymers and plastics
  • agri-food
  • advanced engineering
  • advanced materials
  • telecoms
  • environment
  • ICT


If your business has an innovative idea with strong commercial potential and has found a strategic partner to make it happen, get in touch with us. 

Please call Bernadette Doran on 028 3083 4148 (048 from Ireland) or email

How does it work?

You can claim up to £250,000/€300,000 per partnership to cover staff, equipment, consultancy and the operating costs of the innovation project. For more specific details on how to apply, please view our how it works section here.


Typical benefits of the programme for your business partnership include:

  • Development of new or improved innovative products, processes or services
  • Quicker route to market / Increased rate of commercialisation
  • Sharing otherwise inaccessible knowledge, technology and expertise
  • Access to complimentary expertise, networks and channels to market from your innovation business partner
  • Embed project management discipline within both businesses
  • Development Grant
  • Attractive funding and support package

Innova Testimonials

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