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Science Foundation Ireland (SFI)

Science Foundation Ireland (SFI) is the national foundation for investment in scientific and engineering research. SFI strongly encourages research collaboration between SFI funded scientists & engineers and industry. Such interactions can lead to SFI scientists & engineers becoming more informed about industrial priorities and research needs; and lead to industrial collaborators being informed about important new science and engineering research developments in Ireland. SFI has developed a suite of funding programmes to enable and facilitate industry/academic collaboration. 

SFI Programmes with Industry

SFI Industry Fellowships

The Industry Fellowships programme facilitates the mobility/transfer of people at all levels between academia in Ireland and Industry in Ireland and abroad. Fellowships can be between three and twelve months if full-time, or between six and twenty four months if part-time. Applications may be submitted for an Industry Fellowship award up to a maximum of €120,000 direct costs.

SFI Research Centres

These are world leading, large scale Research Centres with a major economic impact for Ireland. SFI Research Centres may be funded at a level of between €1-5 million per year in direct costs. SFI funds up to 70% of the overall Research Centre budget. A minimum of 30% of the budget must be secured from industry partners, at least one-third of which must be in cash. See details on the 7 funded SFI Research Centres here

SFI Research Centre Spokes

The SFI Spokes programme provides a mechanism to allow new industry and academic partners to join the existing SFI Reseach Centres. 

SFI Partnership Programme

The Partnership Programme provides a flexible mechanism by which SFI can build strategic collaborations with key partners such as industry, funding agencies, charities, philanthropic organisations or higher education institutes (HEIs) with the goal of co-funding outstanding opportunities.