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Useful Documents

Below are a number of PDF documents that provide useful information on R&D Tax Credits, including presentations made at ISIN breakfast briefings.

PDF icon 2012 Finance Bill Details (finance-bill-2012.pdf | 3.39 MB)
PDF icon 2012 Quick guide (KPMG_-_Software_RD_Tax_Credits_V2__2___2526329_2___3___2538317_1_.pdf | 331 kB)
PDF icon IDA-RD&I in Ireland (IDA_RDandI_in_Irelandpdf.pdf | 748 kB)
PDF icon IDA Tax Brochure (IDA_Tax_Brochure_2010.pdf | 929 kB)
PDF icon R&D for the Software Industry-KPMG (RandD_for_Software_KPMG_Presentation_web.pdf | 575 kB)
PDF icon R&D Tax Credit and Funding Briefing (Leyton_Associates_RandD_Tax_Credit_and_Funding_Briefing.pdf | 2.45 MB)
PDF icon R&D Tax Credit-Revenue Guide 2009 (RandD_Tax_Credit_Revenue_Guidelines.pdf | 265 kB)
PDF icon R&D Tax Credits-ISIN-KPMG (RandD_Tax_Credit_ISIN_KPMG_seminar.pdf | 245 kB)
PDF icon Revenue's Guidelines for R&D 2011 (Revenue_RandD_2011__1_.pdf | 257 kB)