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Events in February 2019

Click the"Browse by Month" link below to view up to date information on networking events, presentations, conferences and general events from all around Ireland.

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'Technology Ireland TechBrew - Addressing Growth Challenges' image

Technology Ireland TechBrew - Addressing Growth Challenges

07 Feb
4 Dame Lame, Dublin 2

Run by Technology Ireland, TechBrew is an informal gathering of software company management and technology leaders, getting together to chat over a bite and a beer. » more information

'Software Skillnet - Webinar: O'Reilly Tech Talk - The Evolution of DevOps' image

Software Skillnet - Webinar: O'Reilly Tech Talk - The Evolution of DevOps

20 Feb

In this webcast, we'll look at the evolution of software tools and how what got us to where we are today is different from what the future needs. » more information

'ICT Skillnet Seminar - Blockchain, Transforming The Irish Landscape' image

ICT Skillnet Seminar - Blockchain, Transforming The Irish Landscape

20 Feb
Ibec, 86 Lower Baggot Street, D2

Blockchain is described as the new revolutionary technology that will potentially change how both industry and government interact and transform day to day transactions. Whilst the hype about Bitcoin has highlighted certain challenges about the technology, Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), Ethereum, Smart Contracts and Hyperledger are gaining traction. This breakfast seminar will provide an overview of the Blockchain landscape in Ireland. » more information

'TechLive - How the BUSINESS of ICT will be done' image

TechLive - How the BUSINESS of ICT will be done

21 Feb
Hogan Suite, Croke Park, D3

There is no argument that the pace of change in the digital world is accelerating. This means that organisations are under pressure to move faster to keep pace with market trends, customer demand and competitor threats. As organisations struggle to not only keep pace but also get ahead of competition through innovation, their partners, suppliers and providers must also adapt to this new world. » more information