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Events in June 2019

Click the"Browse by Month" link below to view up to date information on networking events, presentations, conferences and general events from all around Ireland.

If you have an event that you would like to add to the Events page, contact the ISIN administrator.

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'ProductCamp 2019' image

ProductCamp 2019

06 Jun
TU Dublin Aungier Street, Bishop Street, Dublin

ProductCamp Dublin is a collaborative, user-organized 'un-conference' focused on product management and marketing topics. » more information

'Breakfast Seminar -

Breakfast Seminar - "The Wired Atlantic Way" Donegal ICT/FinTech Cluster

12 Jun
Ibec, 86 Lower Baggot Street, Dublin 2

We are honoured to host the Donegal ICT/Fintech Cluster on Wednesday 12th of June. In attendance with be senior personnel from SITA, Pramerica, Optum, ITUS, ElectroRoute, Randox, LYIT, ERNACT, Donegal ETB and the Northwest Regional Skills Forum to provide an overview and insights into their ICT/Fintech Cluster and the opportunity to engage with them. » more information

'Manufacturing the Future Conference' image

Manufacturing the Future Conference

13 Jun
Salthill Hotel Galway

We invite you to register for¬†Ibec's Medtech & Engineering Sectors flagship Manufacturing Conference. » more information